New Grant - George Appiah [rejected]

Name of Applicant: George Appiah
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Wallet Address : 0xa5198cB4aa4153357D17abEeF93255cE30eFD4AE

Grant for Support

Brief Description
Decentralized online platform that brings together global talents, that allows developers to create a profile, communicate and collaborate. In short we are building but for Africa.

Detailed description

The Tech Recruiters’ Dilemma:
Evaluating whether or not a candidate is the right fit for a company has been difficult to prove through the traditional interviewing process.

Scouting new talent is inefficient due to an abundance of platforms and the overload of resumes without an easy way to filter through each candidate

Increasing distrust of resume is resulting from difficulty finding qualified candidates that live up to the qualifications listed on their resumes

The Developers’ Dilemma:
Finding a job with little or no work experience can be very difficult, even for highly skilled compared to experienced candidates.

Many jobs are never posted online and require extensive networking in order to even be considered for the position.

No easy way to find small projects and tasks to build up their portfolios during the job search process

There is a gap between enterprises and developers:
The number of hackers and developers is increasing rapidly in Africa, as well as the amount of open source projects plus an increased number of online teaching platforms. However, enterprises and Web3 projects rely on traditional recruiting methods that fail to identify top talent in solving their technological challenges. This is in large part due to the lack of a location or platform that serves as a bridge between these disparate groups.

Enterprise have a difficult time capturing a pool of high-quality talent.
Enterprises across the Africa region need to adopt frontier technologies to improve efficiency, lower costs, and outperform their competitors. These technologies are used to solve issues regarding manufacturing, security, finance, agriculture, and real estate. Web3 Tech talent with top expertise is needed in the Africa region and globally but are usually mismatched and hard to identify. Advanced technical talent is not conveyed well through a traditional resume.

Enterprises have successfully been able to aggregate creative and tech-savvy talents by sponsoring in-person hackathons in one specific geographical location. Prizes are generally awarded to the best solutions created and enterprises have the opportunity to offer employment to top talent that they’ve witnessed first-hand. It is time to take this model to the next level.

Kwabees provides recruiting services to its community of talented developers by connecting them to top enterprises in the Africa region through hackathons and its future recruiting platform.

Kwabees is bringing key value to the table
Not only does Kwabees bring together a community of technology practitioners, engineers, entrepreneurs and enterprises, it also delivers key value to each party involved through online/offline hackathons and plays an important role in social, economic and technological development.

For Developers/Hackers:
To obtain and practice tech skills by solving real-world problems
To share expertise, experience and ideas with others
To learn how to collaborate with teammates under pressure
To potentially get job offers from top-tier enterprises

For enterprises:
To crowdsource or seek business ideas or solutions
To collaborate with startups to launch new product or service
To identify great and the right talents for recruiting purpose
To reach out and engage with hacker community to enhance branding

We seek to launch kwabessHub an online platform that brings together global talent. It allows developers/hackers to create a profile, communicate and collaborate with hackers around the world, and engage in online hackathons or competitions.

KwabeesHub gives recognition to talented developers by growing their reputation and rewarding them with badges or credit. Moreover, developers have the opportunity to win prizes from global enterprise partners. Developers will have a track-record of their work and projects to show their capabilities to prospective employers

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Additional Information

Please check to have a look at our landing page and road map

Thank you for your submission. This appears to be out of scope for this specific grant program as the program is focused on UMA specific developer tooling and supporting developers who wish to build on the UMA protocol. However, we will keep you in mind for future funding opportunities, and feel free to reach out with any questions/dev support in our Discord. Thanks!