New Grant Application - Alexander Atte [rejected]

Name of Applicant: Alexander Atte
Contact Address :
Wallet Address : 0x1A6779BCceC5FcffcdA4cf6938ca7d482d925Ef3

Grant for Education

Brief Description
Technical documentation is commonly a touchy subject. Much of the time writers either have no idea about the technology they’re making documentation for or have no interest delivering concise information to the respective dev teams. I have experience in technical writing as well as a great enthusiasm for the UMA protocol and the potential it presents.

Detailed description

  • a collection of documentations aimed at on-boarding devs into the UMA ecosystem
  • the best medium is a combination of images, code blocks and text on gitbook.
  • Easy onboarding for dev teams, and structured, progressive articles.

What would UMA lose out on if it did not fund this grant

An easier onboarding process dedicated to developers building on UMA, with speed, clarity and creativity as the main objectives.

How many UMA tokens are you requesting for this project?

What percentage of the grant would you retain to secure the Optimistic Oracle by voting


How would you spend the remainder of the grant?

The majority of the grant would be used in aggregating, researching, and compiling educational content for devs.

How many months would this grant cover?


Additional Information

Thank you for your application and apologies for the delay in having it live.

Thanks for the application! Would you be able to share any examples of previous documentation you have created?

We are closing this proposal as the applicant has submitted a revised proposal which is more focused on building/integrating with UMA: