New Grant Application - Cryptonaire [rejected]

Name of Applicant: Cryptonaire
Contact Address :
Wallet Address : 0x30245A09AFfC647B8B381EEc8370C8C812b35C90

Grant for Education

Brief Description
Cryptonaire, our to be launched App, is inspired by “Who wants to be a millionaire” but instead “Who wants to be a cryptonaire”
We want to educate people about Web3 and the best projects in the space in a fun and rewarding way.
Taking quizzes about your favorite projects and answering questions after watching our educational videos and reading the flashcards will be more fun and rewarding.
The top players in UMA Leaderboard will be rewarded in weekly basis, same applies for every leaderboard in our App.

Detailed description

We are the team of CryptoChefs. We noticed that our community loved the educational content the most, so we decided to gamify the educational process as we gamified the DeFi experience at CryptoChefs.

We are building an App where people can take either our daily Web3 quiz or a project challenge, for example UMA Challenge, where all the questions will be focused on UMA.

There will be a leaderboard that shows the best players in each challenge. Players can score high on the leaderboard by simply answering as many right questions as they can in the shortest time possible.
on weekly basis we will reward winners of UMA Challenge with UMA Tokens, every 3 months we will reward the all-time number 1 on leaderboard with a bigger prize.

We will create a question bank of around 100-150 questions about UMA, create short videos and flashcards to be displayed in the App, where players can quickly review the project.
After learning about the project the players will starting answering questions starting with an easy level, before moving to the medium level and ending in the hardest level where questions can get you more points that level 1 or easy.

Cryptonaire will be accessible to everyone with no requirement or payment or any initial investment.
Learning about Web3 will be much more fun, competitive and rewarding with Cryptonaire.

What would UMA lose out on if it did not fund this grant

We have a strong community at CryptoChefs and a growing community waiting for Cryptoniare to launch in December.
We believe that having UMA in our App, will give the chance to our community to understand UMA better, what is an optimistic oracle, how can I be part of the network and build on UMA?

After adding the questions we will work closely with your team to update our question bank with new questions if requested. We will also share the answers of our players that can reflect what people understand the most about UMA, and what concepts need a better understanding and explaining, helping your team planning your next educational content.

How many UMA tokens are you requesting for this project?

What percentage of the grant would you retain to secure the Optimistic Oracle by voting


How would you spend the remainder of the grant?

the 10k will be divided as the following: 1000$ will be airdropped on weekly basis for a period of 3 months to the best players, 3000$ Tech Team, 3500$ Content Team, 2500$ Research Team

How many months would this grant cover?


Additional Information

Our team at CryptoChefs has the experience needed to build the next great thing.
We are very excited about our product and very sure of its success. Having the ability to teach and educate our followers and players on projects like UMA is the core goal of our App. To take Web3 to the next level we need to take the people to the next level by educating them about Web3 and how to make it useful for us.
Gamifying the experience will only onboard more people and make it way more fun to read and know about different projects.
We would love to have the chance to present to you what we already prepared and get to know closer to hear your feedback and answer your questions.
We are looking forward to hearing back from you

Thank you for your application and apologies for the delay in having it live.

Thank you for your proposal to build with UMA. We believe your proposal is out of scope for this specific grant program. We hope you continue to follow UMA for future opportunities, and feel free to reach out with any questions/dev support in our Discord. Thanks!