Grant Proposal - Dennis Kiprono

Name of Applicant - Dennis Kiprono
Contact Email -
Wallet Address - 0x3C9e7C52a70Bc0211AF25dD23Ab9d3164082A63d

Grant for Tooling

Brief Description
Toropal is a blockchain-based platform for instant remittances to Africa. We address the problem of high fees and long processing times associated with traditional money transfer services. Sending money to Africa through traditional methods is expensive due to high fees and currency exchange rates, and the process takes several days to complete. We are developing a remittance platform built on UMA to solve these challenges. Our mobile application will allow users to send remittances instantly and with lower fees than traditional remittance services.

Detailed Description
We have already developed the mobile applications (both iOS and Android) for our solution. Our goal with the UMA grant is to streamline our backend and fully leverage the UMA platform in our transactions. We will also use the grant to build a UMA community in Africa and mentor African engineers interested in building on UMA.

How many UMA tokens are you requesting for this project?

What percentage of the grant would you retain to secure the Optimistic Oracle by voting

What are the measurable goals and success factors.

We will measure the success of the grant through the number of customers using our platform, the number of UMA community members in Africa, and the number of engineers we train to build on UMA. We plan to have a fully functional remittance platform built on UMA, and 20,000 customers using the platform by August 2023. We also plan to create a UMA community in Africa with over 5,000 members by August. In addition, we plan to train and mentor at least 100 engineers in Africa to build on UMA.

Other Information

Neat! You mention that your project is built with UMA, do you have any code or documentation around that?