New Grant - Alexander Atte (Discord tag: ALEXX#3942)

Name of Applicant: Alexander Atte (Discord tag: ALEXX#3942)
Contact Address :
Wallet Address : 0x1A6779BCceC5FcffcdA4cf6938ca7d482d925Ef3

Grant for Education

Brief Description
The benefits of a bootcamp to a developers journey can be likened to the benefits of structured learning in schools vs self help/ home school. A dev bootcamp provides speed, structure and easy access to necessary resources to speed up learning. This is the ultimate goal of the UMA dev bootcamp; creating an environment that accelerates use of the UMA infrastructure, with the added benefits of an UMA dev support network.

Detailed description

*UMA dev university website
*Automated onboarding
*Compiled written/video courses to accelerate dev education
*Structured categorization from UMA dev beginner to pro
*Stack overflow style Q&A feature for dev support
*Badges to award sprint completions
*Accountability from course completion badges ( possibly utilizing UMA’s KPI options)

*Possible course include;
making contract calls to the UMA OO
*understanding long short pair
*how to run scripts and tests with the monorepo
*Utilizing UMA’s KPI options

What would UMA lose out on if it did not fund this grant

Dev bootcamps act as accelerators of a developers journey. In the crypto space a protocol specific bootcamp accelerates learning and adoption of the protocols infrastructure as well as utilizing the multiple ideas a network of developers brings with it.
UMA stands to lose that accelerator effect in driving devs into the UMA ecosystem as well as the great projects that could be built on UMA given the proposed UMA dev university’s convenience.

How many UMA tokens are you requesting for this project?

What percentage of the grant would you retain to secure the Optimistic Oracle by voting


How would you spend the remainder of the grant?

payment to manage this project to completion; creating, curating and compiling relevant UMA dev content with insight from UMA devs, as well as the learning structure necessary to automate devs progress using the UMA infrastructure. Also to pay for the website design, domain name and hosting, videos, copy, marketing and any other such payments as necessary to complete the project.

How many months would this grant cover?


Additional Information

I’ve broken down the predicted costs for this project;

4,970 - 5000 $UMA (roughly $8,550)
$1000 to build a website with a special feature that awards badges upon course completions.
$500 to design custom content images and badges
$1000 to create copy for landing page as well as the sites content (10 courses to start)
$1000 to create video content where necessary
$1000 for overhead, including tx fees, maintenance, hosting and domain name, tx fees generated in creating video walkthroughs
$2000 for my service in managing this project to completion
$1000 for marketing (SEO optimization)
$1050 for miscellaneous costs

*this does not include other recurring and maintenance costs that may be generated in execution of this project (taxes, maintenance, etc)


Hi @ALEXX and great proposal. Excellent break down of where the UMA will be spent to ensure successful delivery of your project.

Do you think 3 months will be enough time to build this out to completion? Assuming it is, what maintenance would your site and dev workshop program require post completion?

I’m definitely in favor for the aid this would offer upcoming devs that want to learn the UMA protocol. Look forward to hearing thoughts from @Clayton, @Mhairi, @Alex, @Reinis_FRP, and the greater RL team.

Yes @inalittlewhile , 3 months is adequate to create an MVP with core functionality and a handful of courses to burn through. To optimise for speed, alongside the actual websites architecture in development, content curation (using UMA’s current dev help documentations) begins immediately the grant is approved.

After a successful beta testing, with feedback from the first batch of UMA devs, additional features, courses and novel content will be added; all of which sums up to ± 4 months total.

Aside monthly post operational costs like monthly hosting fees, the site would constantly need to be updated with new content and regularly quality checked to ensure an optimal learning experience for UMA devs.