Web3 Crowdfunding platform

Outcome Finance’s KPI options allow funds to be released if a goal is met. One example of this kind of use for raising charitale donations was OneTree where funds were released depending on the number of retweets that a tweet received.

The same principle could be developed into a crowdfunding platform, where people minted options tokens and sent the longs to the charity and kept the shorts, with the settlement determined by whether a particular goal was met. Settlement could be binary (was the goal met or not?), stepped (were subgoals met) or linear (what %age of the goal was met)

This hackathon project idea would not require solidity skills as the LSP contract that would create the is relatively simple to customise. A team that were interested in working on this hackathon idea would primarily require front end skills to build the UI and interface with UMA’s contracts.

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