Create a proposal to integrate any of UMA's products and post it on a governance forum

Prize bounty: 1st 2nd 3rd? (Token Type + Amount)

Challenge Description:

This is a technical bounty which makes direct use of UMAs products to integrate with another protocol. An integration is defined by uDAO’s KPI Option uMIP, more specifically a DAO using one of our LSP (long-short pair) contracts. The products you can choose from are KPI options, success tokens, and range tokens… The integration’s total value locked doesnt have to be large, a small integration is just fine.

Submission Requirements:

  • Must create an integration proposal and post it on a protocols governance forum
  • Must submit a document explaining your approach and thought process as to why you chose that particular protocol, what were the challenges you faced, which of the products seem most appealing to use and why, etc.

Judging Criteria:

  • Does the proposal seem likely to get through the protocol’s governance process?
  • Does the proposal solve a problem that the DAO is facing?
  • Was their explanation well thought out and detailed enough to understand why they chose that product for that particular protocol?

Winner Announcement Date: 09/14/21


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