Hackathon KPI options

Hackathon KPI options (Need to talk to the other sponsors first)

Prize bounty: Fixed amount per successful integration? (Token Type + Amount)

Challenge Description:

A technical bounty to design a KPI option based on this decentralized governance hackathon and to convince a sponsor team to fund the KPI option worth at least $2000. Essentially a hacker will be creating and claiming their prize paid out in KPI options. If you successfully convince another team sponsor of your KPI options idea and obtain the funding, you’ll receive your KPI options simultaneously the prizes are distributed. UMA will also match the funding that the sponsor team puts up. (Not Sure Yet) For example, a hacker creates a KPI option for Gnosis that pays that hacker if their idea has TVL in it at the end of 2022.

Submission Requirements:

  • Must submit a proposal to the sponsor of your KPI option design
  • Must receive funding from one of the cosponsors team of a minimum of $2000
  • Must get through the sponsor teams governance process (if applicable)

Judging Criteria:

  • Did the hacker get through all the submission requirements?

Winner Announcement Date: 09/14/21


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