Decentralised Anonymous Camping Trip Fund

In the light of the overturning of Roe v Wade, we need a way to crowdsource funding for camping trips and associated medical expenses. UMA’s LSP contract could be used to mint tokens that could be used to fund the costs associated with such trips.

A person who feels that they may require such a trip in the following year could deposit collateral to mint a long and short token, where the short tokens are given to a organisation who arranges trips, while the user would keep the long, with the collateral deposited worth twice the average cost.

In the event of a holder needing a trip, they would send a zkproof of requirement + medical info together with the long token to the organisation, who would then redeem the backed collateral, make trip arrangements (gotta be some way of organising transport and communicating required medical info without KYC) and offer them a short token. At the end of the year, the remaining collateral would be split among the long and short tokens on the basis of how many of the options had been redeemed.

Say x people were at risk of requiring such a trip and they all deposited $y into the contract, giving a total collateralisation of $x*y. If x/2 people expired their options early via sending them to the organisation, the collateral would be split 50:50 between the short and long tokens, however if only x//100 people did so, it would be split 99:1 in favour of the longs.

Needs significant refinement, additional privacy measures and would not work if more than half the depositors required early redemption.

But it looks like a lot of people might need camping trips soon and web3 really needs to work out how to make that happen.