New Grant Application - pumpedlunch [Awarded]

Name of Applicant: pumpedlunch
Contact Address :
Wallet Address : 0xdE375B95b526fddAf3B79b1401D527b6Ce8660aF

Grant for Tooling

Brief Description
DecentraList is a tooling dapp built on UMA for creating on-chain Ethereum address lists based on any yes or no question asked to the OO. This grant is to improve my ETHOnline version, launch an alpha version on mainnet with public web front-end, create and fund the first example list for royalty enforcing NFT exchanges, present a superUman learning session and promote and provide support to interested parties.

Detailed description

DecentraList was originally created for ETHOnline and a working demo can be seen here:

Dapp improvements for this grant:
-Improve smart contract gas efficiency and code quality
-Create subgraph integration to track edits to the list
-Add manager role to lists that allows manager to remove funds from the list smart contract and adjust rewards amounts
-Add short docs page for developers looking to use decentraList
-Launch an alpha version of decentraList on Ethereum mainnet and Goerli testnet with public front-end and create a list for NFT exchanges that enforce creator royalties

Other tasks included in this grant:
-Present superUman learning session (or similar) on decentraList to introduce it to UMA community, gather feedback and search for others willing to help/partner with networking and marketing
-Meet with developers or organizations interested in utilizing decentraList and provide support

Benefits to developers:
The intended use of decentraList is to allow organizations and smart contract developers tools to create lists that are useful to themselves or the entire Ethereum ecosystem as a reference in smart contracts. These parties would then be incentivized to propose list revisions to the UMA OO themselves or fund rewards for anyone to propose revisions. The best use cases for decentraList are open ended and TBD. Here are some of my favorite ideas so far:
-NFT exchange addresses that enforce creator set royalties. This would be referenced in revised ERC721 contracts to gate transfers
-Decentralized blacklists based on onchain data (ie. hackers, compromised smart contracts)
-Lists based on onchain EOA history for rewarding users, incentivizing protocol usage, leaderboards, onchain credit rating
-Lists classifying smart contracts (ie. smart contract addresses that have been audited by X for whitelisting for DAOs)

What would UMA lose out on if it did not fund this grant

I think this is an interesting, open ended use case of the OO that is fairly different from any current use that I am aware of. It should be explored further to see if the ecosystem finds it useful and there is traction. If so, it could bring more transactions to the OO and prove a new type of use case that could open up other opportunities.

How many UMA tokens are you requesting for this project?

What percentage of the grant would you retain to secure the Optimistic Oracle by voting


How would you spend the remainder of the grant?

~$200 for gas fees, ~$800 rewards for NFT royalty list, ~$1,500 recoverable OO bond

How many months would this grant cover?


Additional Information

I’ve enjoyed working with UMA and want to continue development on it. I’m hoping to be able to partner with team members and/or the UMA community to see if decentraList can gain traction more so than just getting grant money. I do also appreciate that I already received UMA prize money for this project at ETH Online, so am open to discussing this grant and how we can work together.

My skills and interest are in building, exploring new use cases and discussing with interested parties. I do not have much of an existing network or marketing/outreach skills. If others are interested in helping in that area that would be great and I’m happy to discuss how that could be a win-win situation.


Thank you for your submission.


NFTs that can accrue value based on onchain activity (or off chain behavior that’s placed onchain) and it seems like decentraList can help with this. Glad to know you’re working on it and I would support this grant for further development.

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The following document outlines the updated grant offering with terms and milestones: