Grant Proposal - Ram Dheeraj

Name of Applicant - Ram Dheeraj
Contact Email -
Wallet Address - 0x4dAA278b8f90b86fB70859051911003790f4DE57

Grant for Tooling

Brief Description
The workflows between the web3 tools is broken due to lack of automation. The dearth of no code tool to automate workflows further causes the bottlenecks in the non-developer communities.

We are building no-code workflow automation suite for web3 Tools. We are zapier for web3

Detailed Description
We would also give no-code access to your network apps with other apps. I would like to discuss about the API permissions from the your network.

How many UMA Tokens are you requesting for this project

What percentage of the grant would you retain to secure the Optimistic Oracle by voting

What are the measurable goals and success factors.

  1. Q1 2023 : First Integration Development, Onboard 5 projects for trial, Pre-Seed Fundraising.
  2. Q2 2023 : Dashboard Development, Integrations of 5 DAO tools, Dao Toolverse Community Development
  3. Q3 2023 : Dashboard Alpha Release, Increase the customer count to 20

Other Information

Thank you for your interest in UMA protocol.

I can see that you provided a Docsend link with further information, however unfortunately this appears to be permissioned.

Could you provide more information, including details of why this is particularly relevant to UMA developers?