Massive destructive Earthquake in Turkey

Name of Project: Funding who are in need in Turkey’s recent earthquake

Proposer: Batuhan YILMAZ,

Proposal Summary Helping people in Turkey who were affected by the massive earthquake (7.7 magnitude)

Project Description Funding 50k dollars worth UMA to government approved crypto wallet

Value Add There are many investors in Turkey who holds and trade UMA and Turkey is one of the biggest potential crypto market. As a global network, we need show our gratitude to them by supporting them in this horrifying disaster. It can also boost UMA’s reputation among other DEFI protocols. Avalanche has just recently donated 1 million dollars for Turkish People’s recovery. Binance has donated 5 million dollars. I believe that 50k is a reasonable amount for UMA to donate.

Deliverables Increased reputation of UMA.

Total Budget Requested 50.000 $ in terms of UMA tokens.

Team Batuhan Yilmaz, investor of UMA for 2 years now, I have around 30k UMA, I always try to participate to everything for the sake of the protocol.

Additional Information Dear Friends, as a protocol, we always aimed to change the lives of billions, it is a good chance put it in action. UMA till the end!


Batu you have my support, as always. My heart goes out to the people of Turkey.

1 Like has shared a list of approved orgs receiving donations to aid in the relief efforts.

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Thank you for your proposal.

Before the proposal can go forward to a temp check by adding a poll to the opening post, a wallet address where the funds would be transferred to in the event of a successful outcome is required.