About the Funding Proposals category

This category is for UMA Funding Proposals

Such proposals may include any on-chain actions that require tokenholders approval to utilise fundings from the UMA DAO Treasury.

Proposals should should be provided in full in the post. Discussion on this proposal should primarily take place on this discourse forum.

Proposals which require movement of treasury funds requires a 4,000 UMA bond which is returned if the proposal is successful in an on-chain vote of tokenholders.

RiskLabs, the foundation which established UMA, has indicated its willingness to handle the on-chain proposal and cover the bond payment for proposals which attract majority support on a snapshot poll of tokenholders.

A poll can be added to a proposal by the proposer at any time with a 5 day close. Should it receive majority support at the end of 5 days, it will then pass to snapshot for an indicative vote prior to being put to an on-chain vote.