Name of Applicant - BANKLESS BRASIL DAO
Contact Email - [](mailto:
Wallet Address - 0xf20F50b315b239CA42F7853AC6cD39Ae5fE4cbfE

Grant for Education

Brief Description
Bankless Brasil will promote a week-long online event where will educate Portuguese speakers about the: Digital Security
The event will take place in the second week of May/2023 (08 to 13).
We chose this subject because we saw many people from the crypto community in Brazil, being hacked, having their funds drained or falling for some phishing scam.
We understand that this subject affects people from beginner to advanced.
Digital security is important to protect our personal and financial data from hackers and cyber criminals, ensure online privacy, prevent the spread of viruses and malware, preserve information integrity, and prevent financial and reputational damage.

Detailed Description
We understand that we are not talking specifically about infrastructure, but we at Bankless Brasil understand that UMA is aligned with the values of web3 and encourages education and it is very concerned about the safety of its community. For these reasons we are contacting you to establish a business partnership, it is important to keep in mind that both parties should benefit each other. Together, we can achieve goals and objectives that might not be possible to achieve alone.
We are organizing the workshop in 3 phases:

1 - Pre event ( community warming) 05/1 -05/07
It will start one week before the event. We will host Twitter Spaces, publish articles in order to explain the audience about the workshop.
We have been talking with other media. These are ones which are confirmed to announce the event: Cointelegraph Brasil, The Future of Money - Exame, Bit Block, bitcoin block and Bit Noticias.

2 - Event week - 05/08 - 05/13

Beside the marketing on our social media, we will host:
We will host 2 Twitter Spaces on @BanklessBR
We will host 1 Instagram live on @BanklessBR
Lecture on the Bankless Brasil discord server
2 Articles in the Bankless Brasil substack
Exclusive programs on Radio Bankless BR
Media campaigns (lens, instagram, twitter, linkedin, substack, telegram and discord)
During this week, people participating in the workshop will have to perform tasks that generate social engagement through the Zealy tool.
This tool is widely used by companies/web3 communities. In addition to increasing their audience, they use it to distribute airdrops and other rewards to people who complete missions within the platform.
We will add missions to the audience to join the sponsor’s social media too.

3 - Pos Event
We will announce the winners. The winner will be those who accomplish all missions.
We will giveaway the delegation to the 3 winners.

How many UMA tokens are you requesting for this project?

What percentage of the grant would you retain to secure the Optimistic Oracle by voting

What are the measurable goals and success factors.
1 - 1000 people attending the event.
Duration: 1 week

Other information