Grant Proposal - Shiv

Name of Applicant - Shiv
Contact Email -
Wallet Address - 0x488c23b74333073f90e066e1517aba193e281288

Grant for Education

Brief Description

We are a team of Web3 Developers & Content Creators. Our Goal is to Empower the Students & Developers by conducting Web3 Hackathons. On the same lines, we’re hosting a 30-hour long blockchain hackathon in Bengaluru on May 20-21.

Detailed Description
Our Ultimate Goal is to Empower the Students & Developers by providing hands on experience through conducting Web3 Hackathons. For which we want your Support.

How many UMA tokens are you requesting for this project?

What percentage of the grant would you retain to secure the Optimistic Oracle by voting

What are the measurable goals and success factors.
You can find everything here: UR-Hackathon 3.0-Deck.pdf - Google Drive

Other Information
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