Best design for a practical, well-considered 'real world' KPI Options Proposal

Prize Title:

Best design for a practical, well-considered ‘real world’ KPI Options Proposal

Prize Bounty:1st 2nd 3rd? (Token Type + Amount)

Challenge Description:

This is a non technical prize bounty, we are looking for creative and practical proposals that uses UMA’s KPI options in a real world scenario. KPI options are an incentive mechanism that allows us to design metrics that if or when achieved before the expiry date will be worth a certain amount. You don’t want to design a system that can be gamified but at the same time not impossible to achieve the maximum potential payout… We’d like the proposal ‘pitch ready’ so anyone can approach someone in a position of power with this proposal and it would be ready or near ready for implementation. Recommended to have a clear picture of who this is for during your proposal.

Examples: Incentivizing a university to payout KPI options based off graduation rates, incentives for kids to stay in school, renewable energy usage, recycling, businesses incentivizing their workforce, etc.

Submission Requirements:

  • Must use KPI options
  • Must submit your proposal directly to who you are targeting and provide proof of submission
  • Should be a fully thought out proposal that is ‘pitch ready’ and can be implemented right away

Judging Criteria:

  • Which submission seems most practical?
  • Was the submission fully thought out?
  • Is it pitch ready?

Winner Announcement Date: 09/14/21


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