Best Tool to help a DAO understand or design a treasury management solutions using UMA

Prize bounty:1st 2nd 3rd? (Token Type + Amount)

Challenge Description:

This is a technical bounty for a tool that can be used to help explain how UMA’s treasury management tools work. We have two products were targeting: Range tokens and Success tokens. You can choose to target one or both products. Should keep in mind this is to help integrate, appeal, and streamline to VCs. It can be a front end UI, anything that one would find appealing and easy to use, or helping VC’s by using UMA products to work with protocols. An example of what were looking for is something like an interactive calculator that you can plug in certain parameters and it will show you graphics and sales details.

Submission Requirements:

  • Must make use of either the range token, success token, or both.
  • Must have a demo of how the tool works

Judging Criteria:

  • Is the tool interactive?
  • Is it engaging and easy to use?
  • Would this tool help explain either the range or success tokens?

Winner Announcement Date: 09/14/21


Success Tokens | Medium

Range Tokens | Medium

Range Tokens | UMA Doc