Vote for your fav Hackathon Build

A big thank you to all of the teams who created such amazing hacks in our EthGlobal Hackathon.

We now have to choose a winner for the UMA category, and just so hard to choose when we have so many brilliant developments.

Part of being a sponsor means we get to give out a $3000 prize. We want to get the community to choose the best project and vote for which project think should win the prize!

EthGlobal Hackathon Winner
  • ZEUS - sports prediction market + flash loan credit delegation
  • Coinfu - Workflow automation for cryptocurrency investors
  • Dvix - A protocol for making decentralized volatility index feeds for synthetic tokens.
  • 1inch synth - Create long and short synths for $1INCH token using UMA Protocol on Kovan Network
  • Ideas Factory - Decentralized Startup incubator/funding pool that promotes investing and contributing to ideas
  • Pre-market Protocol - Synthetic premarket asset protocol built on UMA protocol.
  • xCFD - a decentralized CFD (Contract for Difference) platform built on UMA.

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More details on each of the entries can be seen on the respective threads, go take a look and then vote on the poll below for your fav development.