Pre-market Protocol

Synthetic premarket asset protocol built on UMA protocol.

I added some demo price feeds so you can play around with the platform more now and mint some synthetic tokens on kovan:

If anyone has feedback please share :slight_smile:

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Nice concept!.
Now I can pre- market your pre-marketed synths!
That UI looks familiar, minus the GCR. :grin: jk
The look reminds me of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare whenever I check my position.

One suggestion, if I may. I peeked at your Dapp the bgrnd color is hard on the eyes
I want to blink as if there is a purple film on my eyes. Almost a #362420 or a TV back-lit by a black light. I think #000000 would make the text and whole screen much clearer. If you look at the Metamask top right it’s super clear visually in contrast to the rest.
Great presentation!
I see the GCR now,lol. I still had it in a tab. At first it wanted me to switch wallet back to mainnet but let me in anyway.