Twitter Drops

Introducing Twitter Drops

UMA has developed a new concept for sending tokens to any Twitter account.

“Twitter Drops” leverage oSnap to allow any Twitter user to claim tokens from a Safe multi-sig wallet, using UMA for verification.

UMA is presenting this reverse pitch (“request for hackers”) ahead of this weekend’s ETHGlobal Lisbon hackathon, where teams are invited to use the optimistic oracle to bring their projects to life. UMA is sponsoring the event and team members will be in attendance to assist builders across three days of hacking.

How Twitter Drops would work

Twitter Drops use oSnap, the UMA-powered solution that enables trustless on-chain execution via Safe wallets.

oSnap has initially been adopted as a tool for enabling optimistic governance with Snapshot, but it can support many other use cases owing to its flexibility.

oSnap can implement specific rules and customizations, which means it can be used to propose on-chain transactions for designated users. With Twitter Drops, rules could be added to the oSnap module allowing a Twitter account to claim a Safe wallet before a cutoff date. The claimant just has to post a tweet and submit an on-chain transaction to claim control of the Safe wallet. If they don’t claim the tokens in the wallet ahead of the cutoff, they can be sent back to the deployer.

Here’s a step-by-step process for implementing a Twitter Drop:

  1. Alice and her team build a frontend interface for creating and claiming a Twitter Drop.

  2. Alice uses the interface to create a Drop, deploying an oSnap module and Safe multi-sig wallet holding 10 ETH, 10,000 UMA, and a Lens handle. (You can do this on testnet! It’s a hackathon, after all.)

  3. Alice adds a rule to oSnap to introduce conditions on claiming the wallet. The rule could read as follows:

“This Safe can be claimed by @dreamsofdefi before May 31, 2023 . They can claim the wallet by submitting any transaction before May 31, 2023 with a link to a tweet as the explanation field. The tweet should read “I am claiming my Twitter Drop at [Insert Safe address] from [Insert wallet address] as verified by @UMAprotocol.”

Alice can set the recipient’s Twitter profile, cutoff dates, and the Safe address when deploying the Drop. Since she doesn’t know @dreamsofdefi’s wallet address in advance, they will specify the address in their tweet.

  1. @dreamsofdefi visits the frontend on May 30 and connects their Twitter account and Ethereum address to claim the Drop.

  2. @dreamsofdefi posts a tweet reading “I am claiming my Twitter Drop at [Insert Safe address] from [Insert user address] as verified by @UMAprotocol,” triggering the on-chain transaction from their address.

  3. The on-chain transaction includes a link to the tweet in the explanation field. When processed, a new transaction processes giving @dreamsofdefi 1/1 control of the Safe wallet.

  4. The oSnap rules also update, noting that “This Twitter Drop has been claimed by [Insert user address]. Any transactions from [Insert user address] are valid.”

  5. @dreamsofdefi can now access the 10 ETH, 10,000 UMA, and Lens handle via their Ethereum address. As they gain access before the cutoff date, Alice can not reclaim the assets; they are now in the sole custody of @dreamsofdefi.

Why Twitter Drops are powerful

Twitter Drops show how oSnap can enable new solutions that improve the Web3 user experience.

In this example, Alice can distribute the assets to @dreamsofdefi on the condition that they post a tweet without waiting to verify their identity. She doesn’t need to share the wallet’s private key, and she doesn’t even need to know their address. @dreamsofdefi, meanwhile, can access the Safe wallet any time before the cutoff and enable account abstraction to set flexible rules. Since oSnap establishes the rules for controlling the wallet with one deployment, Alice and @dreamsofdefi can both save on gas costs.

In the future, we envision a world where all Ethereum users control wallets like Safe to secure their assets. Twitter Drops offer an early preview into this future, giving a way for users to distribute tokens in a flexible, trustless, and efficient way.

Twitter Drops is one example of an exciting oSnap use case that bridges the gap between crypto and social media, offering added benefits like enhanced security and flexibility.