Grant Proposal - Luke Vignal

Name of Applicant:
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Wallet Address: 0x3C89d10F00C384Ab6ba950cea74AcfAc886235fE

Grant for Support

Brief Description

We propose to you to build a light integration of UMA Project
to Quidli by adding UMA token to our API and hosted app environment. This will enable you to seamlessly distribute UMA token as rewards to the top active participants in your community directly in your Slack or Discord.
In addition to helping you internally share UMA within UMA Project, this integration lets us offer $UMA to our user base of 1000+ organizations as an option via Quidli’s open token platform.

Detailed description
Quidli is a micro on-ramp connecting Web 2.0 apps and web3 assets for you to embed crypto rewards and incentives into your collaboration workflows to boost participation and motivation.

Through this initial partnership, we can help UMA build an awesome community and ecosystem by enabling you to effectively boost community engagement using token incentives. Sharing more tokens with community members can help you to establish a positive alignment flywheel leading to more contributions and ultimately growth towards your main mission and objectives.

PoC & MVP (Key Results):
Our immediate aims for adding $UMA token to quidli ecosystem are:

  1. To enable UMA to use Quidli internally via Slack and external via Discord.
  2. To offer our existing user base $UMA token as a micro-incentive option.

How many UMA tokens are you requesting for this project?

What percentage of the grant would you retain to secure the Optimistic Oracle by voting


What are the measurable goals and success factors.
1st Milestone: first week
We review the necessary technical documentation (blockchain, smart contracts, token, etc.). If additional docs and or consultation is needed, we’ll contact you to get connected with the appropriate person/team for guidance.

2nd Milestone: second week
Integration should be in place, and we start testing to ensure the new token is functional and usable within our environment. FYI, we will ask you to send some UMA in order to perform these initial tests.

3rd Milestone: third week
Review the integration with UMA Project.
Create & publish PR announcing $UMA on Quidli as well as this initial partner with UMA.

In the future:
• We can participate in AMA session to promote Quidli to your Community.
• We can provide you datas/personalized dashboard and engagement metrics.
• Telegram integration coming in 2023.

We’re asking for $1,500 in $UMA to kick off the integration work.

Additional Information
Quidli for Discord demo:
Tips on how to use Quidli:
Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
User stories:

Thank you for your proposal to build with UMA. We believe your proposal is out of scope for this specific grant program as the focus is on developer tooling. We hope you continue to follow UMA for future opportunities, and feel free to reach out with any questions/dev support in our Discord. Thanks!