Grant Proposal - Sergey Glukhota

Name of Applicant - Sergey Glukhota
Contact Email -
Wallet Address - 0x4E41e9f528aCfcDAD396B89438E2083Cefc0E3a4

Grant for Tooling

Brief Description
YAR - blockchains interconnector that brings together all of blockchains in one place, in any place

Detailed Description
YAR makes any blockchain interoperable with UMA, and UMA is interoperable with any blockchain. It means more assets, more transactions, more users, and more cash flow. It means that assets from another blockchain can be tradable and transferable into UMA, into UMA-based projects. It means more TVL, more community, and more power.

How many UMA tokens are you requesting for this project?

What percentage of the grant would you retain to secure the Optimistic Oracle by voting

What are the measurable goals and success factors.
UMA interoperability connector will be developed.

Other Information

Thank you for your application for UMA’s Grants Programme for Developer Tooling, Education and Support.

From the link you provided it appears that this is a general blockchain interconnector rather than an UMA specific piece of tooling.

Can you explain why this would be of particular advantage to developers building on UMA and provide details of any UMA developers that you have been working with and how they anticipate using the connector?