About the XIO Accelerator Phase 1 Submissions category

Welcome to the UMA XIO Accelerator Programme Phase 1

Submit a thread in this section using the pre-formatted template for entry into the XIO Accelerator Phase 1 Competition.

Ten winners will be chosen from the following and will each receive $1000 XIO + 40 KPI Options.

  • uStonks
    (1 walk-through winner+ 1 overview winner)

  • UMA Bills
    (1 walk-through winner + 1 overview winner)

  • Domination Finance
    (1 walk-through winner + 1 overview winner)

  • Wildcard — Choose any of the other UMA dapps
    (1 walk-through winner + 1 overview winner)

  • Mystery Box — Literally anything at all.
    Could be an infographic, short-film, GIF, animation, NFT idea, a song about UMA… Surprise us with your skills. Unlock a hidden surprise bounty
    (two winners from this section as well)!

Please ensure that your title includes whether you are submitting an Overview or a Walkthrough Guide and which dapp/category your submission is for - uStonks, Domination Finance, UMA Bills, WildcardMystery
(e.g. Creative Title (Overview; uStonks))

For clarity, please post your content on whatever native platforms you choose — be it Youtube, Twitter, Medium, Facebook, Reddit, or all of the above — and then link to the original in the forum post.

On 8th April at 12.00 UTC entries will close
NOTE: Entries extended by 24h to 9th April 12:00

Voting will begin on April 9th at 14.00 UTC via a poll on Discourse, and will remain open unilt 22.00UTC on 11th April The winners will be announced via Discord/Discourse on April 12th.

More details about the XIO Accelerator programme is available on Medium