Phase One Winners

Phase 1 Winners Breakdown can be seen here: UMA Accelerator Winners Phase 1 - Google Docs

Thanks to everyone that participated, we had tons of unique, creative and informative entries!

@JBdiscord came in like a UMAn on a mission, and swept up five categories, while @NeytsMoor let his unique creativity shine through in the Mystery box category. @ericbal and @samuelnathanrichards rounded out the remaining winners!

Reminder that all rewards will be distributed at the end of the Accelerator:

@JBdiscord : $4500 worth of XIO + 180 uTVL
@NeytsMoor $2500 XIO + 100 uTVL
@ericbal : $2000 XIO + 80 uTVL
@samuelnathanrichards: $1000 XIO + 40 uTVL


Thanks for organizing this fun contest UMA & Blockzero and congrats to @ericbal, @samuelnathanrichards, and @NeytsMoor. I enjoyed seeing the entries that brought some value to the communities.


Congratulations to the winners. Really enjoyed going through them.