UMIP 170 - add ASSERT_TRUTH as a supported price identifier

The DVM should support price requests for the ASSERT_TRUTH price identifier. ASSERT_TRUTH is intended to be used as a default price identifier for UMA’s Optimistic Asserter contract that allows asserters to make claims about the state of the world. Optimistic Asserter contract would be added to Registry and Finder contracts as part of the Optimistic Asserter UMIP. // TODO: Update link to Optimistic Asserter UMIP once it’s merged in.

This UMIP does not attempt to put any restrictions on the types of claims that can be made, but rather focuses on the mechanics of how the DVM should be used to resolve disputes over such claims.

Price settlement can happen only in one of two ways:

  • Return the 1 value if the claim is true.
  • Return the 0 value if the claim is false or cannot be resolved.