UMA uStonks (gamer friendly)

UMA uStonks (gamer friendly)


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We wanted to add gaming content. The thing I like the most is how my friend used UMA as a motivational speech and moral lection XD


I hate to be negative but this doesn’t seem like you tried to actually promote uStonks or give any type of an overview, just seems like an entry for an entry. Am I wrong?

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So this video was made with a help of two friends. We wanted to make a funny overview of uStonks in gaming video since the guys I was working with were gamers. We wanted to promote UMA first(credibility) then talk about uStonks project. Agree… its a short video, but we invited people to learn, to encourage them to do the first step.

If I was going only for entrys I would probably do 10 videos of reading or clicking… I wanted to add entertainment content. Maybe not the best solution but its my solution. I predicted, I could organize production of 5 videos. Because we had only 7 days(+Easter and Corona) I managed to finish 4. There is a lot of effort in this 4 videos. For UMA uGAS music experience I spent 7hours in the car only. Picking up singer, driving us to a pianist and back.