Protocols with Internship Vacancies

Students, graduates and new developers often approach UMA looking for internships.

Unfortunately we are currently unable to support this, but we welcome the growth of new talent in the defi industry and are keen to do what we can to support those seeking internships.

If any of UMA’s collaborators have capacity to support interships we are happy to pass on details. Contact for further details.

If expanding your knowledge is your primary focus, just by joining the community and trying to be as active as possible by following what’s going on will be a great learning experience by itself.

There’s also UMA’s university program, which really help me understand the financial world a lot more in a meaningful way. And this is coming from someone who already had prior experience working for an exchange for precious metals as a software engineer and scrum master (this was right before Web 3.0 really took off). It really made me wish I learned these things sooner. And the team is really fun and appreciative to be around with.

Plus, if doing these things will excite you, you might find yourself supporting UMA in ways UMA will appreciate and even compensate you for it with their uDAO incentives or just voting rewards for example (though
IMO I wouldn’t join if compensation is all that’s on your mind, since you need to really believe in the project and wanna support them to get motivated enough to all those things).

I’m pretty new here, but I’m enjoying the community a lot. Grateful to be here. :blush:

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