UMA Engineer / Consultant

I completed the UMA Scholarship Derivatives Course and have deployed synths on test networks. If you have a serious inquiry, we can talk more about my background. Time Zone GMT-4.

I’m more interested in joining an open source team or dao with altruistic values and clear vision than being a contractor. I would also be interested in helping a team launch on UMA through consulting and script support in exchange for fair remuneration . Familiar with hardhat, vuejs, SPAs, brownie and devops surrounding dapps in general.

Service Offered

UMIP Writing/Consulting service, EMP Design and deployment consultation, integration testing

Turn around period
negotiable. To launch a synthetic is easy, but maintaining one isn’t.

Remuneration requested
negotiable and will vary wildly on scope.

Will accept Protocol tokens as remuneration?
Sure, if it has a market on a dex.

Please contact me here or message me on Discord ( SnakePoison#2187 ), if you want to chat about UMA.

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Hey, how are you? At our startup we are currently looking for an UMA engineer who can help us create and deploy our ideas. We are a new hedge fund trading through systematic strategies within the space. Let me know if you’d be interested in hoping on a quick call for a consultation and perhaps discuss possibilities for a collaboration between us if interested afterwards.