P2P Freelance dApp

Create a P2P Freelance Web3-native platform where an “employer” and “employee” can set their own price for work available or work wanted, link their respective wallets to a custom LSP contract that would pay out when completed or if a larger or more time consuming job, pay out per milestone.
This would allow users a trustless way to offer or accept any cryptocurrency that is a whitelisted collateral by UMA for freelance work.
An example would be something like Fiverr

This could be built out further where users generate a NFT at sign up by uploading a avatar that would store your abilities and service ratings. Building credibility as you complete more freelance work.
Also taking on large jobs you would have the ability to sub contract out some of the work by simply distributing KPI options them. The KPI options pay out only if a milestone is reached or job is completed so it would ensure that the OC would only select the best “sub” suited to complete the job.
The OO could be integrated to resolve any disputes that may occur.

This gives people opportunity to generate revenue by accepting a job they may only have skills to complete part of the job and giving the rest to friends, associates or other users based upon their credibility/ service ratings in the dApp.

This grants a requestor or “employer” to post more dynamic or complete works avoiding having to research several different sub contractors and then have to manage them.

In totality I see it being used as an on-ramp for those who otherwise would not have access to markets and for those who would like to experiment with crypto, with very little risk other than completing a task and using the tokens to test the waters and experience DeFi.
This also provides a way for DAOs to offer specific bounties to devs or members in other projects using their own token if approved by UMA and a contract to reassure a job well done.

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Interesting proposal.

I’m curious tho if there were a dispute, particularly one around quality, how UMA voters would resolve.

The other issue would be around the initial "claim. If two people wanted to work on it, how would you allocate, is it first there nabs the bounty and they have a certain amount of time to produce or it gets reallocated, or is the bounty only claimed when someone submits the finished work?