New Grant - Hazik Maqsood [rejected]

Name of Applicant: Hazik Maqsood
Contact Address :
Wallet Address : 0x752194A8f1733447aEf42c93AfA79B3a912F36fF

Grant for Support

Brief Description
Need Funds to help people and making nft art to support pakistan People and change the world

Detailed description

My service is Main about NFT art about the nft is animation art and these sell i will help my people to the world organization and learn from these fund to make an art and sell and grow

What would UMA lose out on if it did not fund this grant

No worries, but it’s my opportunity to give a fund for the grant to give this. my wish to help my people to this fund

How many UMA tokens are you requesting for this project?

What percentage of the grant would you retain to secure the Optimistic Oracle by voting


How would you spend the remainder of the grant?

Make an art for spending promotion and somehelp to our people to grow up in the art field to help their and grow

How many months would this grant cover?


Additional Information

No thank you

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Nice submission Hazik.

I would prefer to see much more detail about how you plan to leverage NFTs to enhance the UMA ecosystem.

Also, the tiny amount of UMA you request here makes it hard to fathom how you could be effective in your endeavor.

Great start. If you could expand on the details and definitely match the funding to the work entailed.

Thank you for your submission. This appears to be out of scope for this specific grant program as the program is focused on developer tooling and supporting developers who wish to build on the UMA protocol. However, we hope you continue to follow UMA for future opportunities, and feel free to reach out with any questions/dev support in our Discord. Thanks!