Looking for a Dev who can create Farming Contracts

  • This is what we want in the farming contract.

LP token staking contract. ( 0.2% fee on LP token when withdrawn )

Single currency staking contract. ( No deposit fees involved in here only 5% tax on claimable rewards.)

Integration on our Dapp.

Apy % must reduce automaticly when more people joins the farming pool

0.2% deposit fees on LP token ( So 0.2% LP token will go to admin )

5% fees on Claimable rewards ( 5% will go to admin from the minted token. ( Only from the rewards ) )

#Maybe no locking period is okay if that’s easier. All claimable rewards will be our native token.Rewards gets distributed / or Extracted from the farming contract in every minute live according to the APY % and amount of staked token. Users can withdraw their staked token at any time including their claimable rewards.

#Note: Feel free to contact me at your convenient time if you can do the job. Thanks

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