Job Offer: Quantitative Finance Engineer

We are looking for a Quant to join our team. Here are examples of the types of tasks we need help with:

  • Generation of a backtesting environment for derivative pricing strategies, based on montecarlo approaches
  • Development of random price generators, based on a number of strategies (empirical, skewed t-student, etc)
  • Development of multi-variate price generation with correlation between assets
  • Interaction with Market Makers, to defend our algorithmic approach
  • Help support the development of new products, backtesting performance of prototypes during early development phase.

We’re looking for high calibre individuals looking to work hard and have fun in a young team dreaming of large-scale social impact.

Key skills required:

  • High proficiency in Python - looking for experience in delivering production ready python developments.
  • Strong command of financial mathematics, including elements like the Kelly Criterion, fat tail distributions, etc
  • Positive can-do attitude
  • Product focus: bias towards producing results, as opposed to open-ended long term research.
  • Interest in working in a start-up environment, with opportunity for high-reward high-impact work.

Apply only if you have vigor, like to make things happen fast and you are known for going the extra mile.

About us
We’re Potion, a well-funded DeFi project working hard to create the next generation of blockchain financial services. We’re pioneering a new type of smart contract architecture that has the potential to set a new standard in the field of decentralized derivatives. We’re made up of a fully distributed global team of world-class talented engineers and researchers, and we’re excited to have caught your attention.

We’ve been able to attract partnerships from some of the largest and most influential blockchain teams in the world, across Silicon Valley, Europe, and Asia.

Growth opportunities/Perks
When you join Potion, you will be given the opportunity to grow and learn from a highly skilled team. We operate based on trust, open communication and honesty. We all give our best and we expect others to do the same. From all team members we expect proactivity, accountability and friendly vibes.

We have high standards. As a new team member, expect to see personal performance and team performance at a high level.

On top of everything, you will thrive with us if you believe in decentralization and cooperation.

What to expect from the us:

  • Personal freedom
  • Clear responsibilities, clear goals
  • Growth opportunities within the company as we scale up
  • Personal development
  • Remote and flexible work
  • Open, honest and warm communication
  • Work with experts in DeFi and help create a user-centered product
  • Opportunity to become part of a fast-growing team

When you apply please include a personalized note explaining why you would like to join the Potion team. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Apply here: Application Form