Idea-factory platform

Decentralized Startup incubator/funding pool that promotes investing and contributing to ideas

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I hear about this site and check it out. I see and really like this amazing start-up idea that Dex has created or posted. Now , I mint a token and give it to his box on the screen as a vote for his idea?
You had also mentioned a problem. Dex has a problem and I mint an idea for him, call it Dex 2, give a token or a vote and what does Dex get for the idea at the end? A share of the pool decided by the amount of votes or tokens his problem or idea received? Keep the accrued tokens?

For point one. Yes, if you have VOTE tokens and add it to an idea that counts as a vote for that idea. For the second one, The main thing that the original “dex” would get out of it would be a solution for the problem. Because when you fund an idea, you receive X tokens for that idea, if more people also fund that idea, the price of the tokens you receive rises. So as well, dex has the potential for making a profit.

I would say though that the main motivation for someone to add a problem is to simply see that problem solved, much like grants or bounties on gitcoin

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