Fron-end Software Engineer

Service Offered
UI/UX implementation,
React, Vue, Angular, Web3, Ethers, Subgraph

Turn around period

Renumeration requested*
e.g $65 x per hour

Will accept Protocol tokens as remuneration?
e.g. Yes, will accept native protocol token


I’m interested in the position.
I can start immediately, and my rate is 50$/hr.
I would like to get paid 50% in USD, and 50% in native protocol token.


I’m a senior developer who has strong skills.

main skill:

:point_right: Frontend: React/Redux/Gatsby/Next, Vue/Nuxt, Angular, JavaScript/TypeScript/jQuery, CSS/SCSS, Tailwind CSS/Ant Design/Material UI,
:point_right: Backend: PHP/Node.js/Python/Java
:point_right: Database: MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
:point_right: Payment: Stripe, Sqareup
:point_right: Git management: GitHub, GitLab
:point_right: Others: Google Map, Rest, Restful, OAuth
:point_right: BlockChain: Ethereum, Solidity, Algorand, Reach, PyTeal, Smart contract, Solana, Rust, NFT, web3, Polygon

I hope to collaborate with you in the long term.
Also I’d like to work remotely. I can work full time for you(40+hours per week)
If you have any questions, please ask me.
Best regards.

Hello, Client!
Thanks for your job posting and I am very interested in this position.
I am a skilled web3 front-end developer who has rich experience, so I think I am the right person for this position.
I am good at website building using the latest web techs such as React, Next.js, Typescript, Vue.js and so forth.
Also, I can work full time in your time zone.

Please contact me and let’s discuss your project asap.

Kiyoshi Araki