Creating a video for UMA with DeFi Teller

Name of Project: DeFi Teller

Proposer: Camille A. Hanard/

Proposal Summary

We propose to make a video explainer about the technological aspects of UMA and how exactly they function and allow the protocol to offer advantageous terms to users.

Project Description

DeFi Teller is an educational resource that does the due diligence for the user by providing information about blockchain technology and decentralized applications (reviews, video explainers, on-chain data) in the most accessible way.

​​​​​​​The project officially launched in May this year, and currently, 15 people are working on it (developers, designers, illustrators, editors, writers, and marketing specialists). During the short time of its existence, the project has managed to attract the attention of those we talk about. For example, the video we created about Polkadot was added to the Polkadot and Kusama documentation.

Value Add

UMA is a unique project and undoubtedly one of the key players in DeFi but surprisingly, we have not found any quality and detailed videos about the technologies used in the protocol. We will be happy to fill this gap. Since the protocol is quite complex in its design, and its core concepts are not easy to grasp for newcomers to the field, we propose to make a video explainer about the technological aspects of UMA, describing in simple words the logic of Optimistic oracles, how its dispute resolution system (DVM) work, how the protocol’s economic guarantee eliminates corruption in the system, what is the utility of UMA token and so forth. The video will be published on the DeFi Teller website and YouTube channel, as well as promoted on our social media.

We believe that despite the abundance of content about technologies used in DeFi, there is still very little truly quality content on the topic. And, of course, it’s impossible to describe DeFi technologies without talking about the major projects that form the infrastructure.


Our goal is to make DeFi education accessible and comprehensible to everyone, and make learning easy and more popular, while shifting the paradigm from “what coin to buy to make money (and what buttons to press to do that)” and motivating new users to learn the technology behind DeFi projects. We’d like to talk more about the protocol and thus create internal growth for UMA. The video produced as a result could also be used for the documentation of the project.The video will be published on the DeFi Teller website and YouTube channel, as well as promoted on our social media.

Total Budget Requested

We are not looking for profit from the video we propose to make, but only asking to cover the production costs.

Our team will be able to give you an accurate estimate of the budget only after the script is approved since most of the cost of the video falls on the work of the illustrators and animators. A rough estimate is that on average one minute of video costs us $1,000.

The approximate cost of the final amount in percentage ratio looks like this:


Writer - 5%

Editor - 7%


Illustrator - 25%

Designer - 16%

Supervisor - 7%


Designer - 30%

Supervisor - 10%


DeFi Teller’s content production team consists of four editors, three marketing and PR specialists, as well as four designers and illustrators. Our editors are formerly print editors or traditional market communications specialists, and nowadays DeFi enthusiasts reviewing blockchains, decentralized apps, and NFT projects.

All these people got together in the summer of 2021 and started preparing content for the DeFi Teller website, working closely with the development team that was building the website and developing the on-chain data methodology.