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Workflow automation for cryptocurrency investors

Hi everyone! :wave:

Rj here, the creator of Happy to be part of the community. If you have any questions regarding the project, feel free to reach out! :slight_smile:

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Nice clean UI. Very cool. Great name, the logo has be sweet! (I imagine a coin being chopped in half by hand).
As an investor, am I sending a tweet for someone else to liquidate an undercollateralized loan that CoinFu found ? Am I tweeting to find a liquidator I can fund to perform the liquidation for a percentage of the cut? Or am I tweeting the liquidation to throw Ol’ Johnny Debtor, in the cubicle next to me under the bus for taking the last cup of coffee and not making more,lol?

When clicking Google sheets am I required make my own spreadsheet and link it with CoinFu or do you have pre fab templates available?

Hi Gregory,

Thank you for the kind words! Regarding your questions, there are two UMA events that are currently being developed:

  1. Liquidation opportunities: These are positions that are potentially undercollateralized. Once you’ve confirmed that the position is indeed undercollateralized, you may fund the liquidation manually.

  2. New liquidations: These are liquidations that have already been funded and may potentially be disputed. Once you’ve confirmed that the position is NOT under collaterealized, you may initiate the dispute manually.

Regarding Google Sheets: We do not have any pre fab templates at this point unfortunately. You are required to create your own spreadsheet where coinfu will send the data to.

Lots of changes are coming to the application so stay tuned!