Voting via delegation of UMA tokens - is this a concept worthy of discussion?

Is there value in UMA exploring a mechanism by which more UMA tokens (particularly small wallet holders) can successfully participate in the critical function of voting?

I am a superUMAn (at least in my mind). I am also a shrimp and still novice when it comes to technical areas within the crypto space. Participating in UMA voting is one of those areas this novice considers technical. I have voted, I just can’t seem to come up with the right answers and this leads me to the crux of my question…

I want to be a good UMAn citizen and exercise my voting rights but it doesn’t feel productive to blindly throw darts at the dart board when I do so only to repeatedly miss the bullseye.

Has the UMA community discussed the possibility of creating a way that UMAns, like myself, could delegate our shrimp size token voting rights/blocks to other (perhaps approved/validated) addresses who could be more responsible stewards in the process of casting these important votes?

My hope is that something like this would allow smaller holders to participate in the process via proxy and feel more engaged and invested in UMA. Additionally, UMA voting would see increased volume and hopefully more addresses participating.

Some consideration would need to be given to how to prevent too much consolidation of voting rights to too few addresses but the UMAn community is full of very bright people. If this concept is something the community would consider I’m sure the intellectual and technical know-how are already here to be able to make it happen.

So…what do ya’ll think?


I think it is very important to have this inplace before June 21st. At this point abunch fo new Uma is going to go out to a bunch of farmers from the DeFi space who voted on gov stuff. Farmers like to farm, they’ll sell things they can’t, and Uma takes a huge amount of work to farm.

The ability to delegate your votes and still collect your rewards makes Uma something farmable, which I believe will result in a lot more people holding their Uma awarded from uTVLs.

We need to be careful that all the votes don’t concentrate in one place. Maybe set a max of Uma that can be delegated to any one delegate. If this was set to like 0.1% - 1% of total supply or less, things should be ok.

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