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*uGAS Overview & Walkthrough | Degenerative.Finance


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Wildcard Overview & Video Walkthrough - This really is an overview and walkthrough, I could have simply made this two videos but I went the extra mile to combine them in order to provide maximum value to the viewer thus why I’m claiming both categories under the Wildcard.

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*I created a fancy uGAS animation for the mystery box category and decided I might as well go full force and also create an overview and walkthrough video for uGAS. I didn’t just reuse the animation, I remade the animation in 16:9 for YouTube, added an audio overview to complement the animation, and then a full walkthrough of how to mint uGAS. The coolest part is probably how deep I went on some of the details like the branding on the pump and going as far as to also make a custom YouTube thumbnail to stand out amongst the sea of videos on YouTube. Enjoy! *