Request for proposal: How can the process of creating price feeds be improved?

I am interested in gathering feedback from the community on how price feeds could be more easily created.

EMP contracts are required to deploy bots to monitor the contract. Adding bots for new EMPs relies on having a price feed for bots to be able to determine the price of an asset at a given time. This can be a substantial task and is a major pain point voiced by developers.

When creating a price feed, where have you been getting hung up? Are there any suggestions or enhancements that could be made to creating a price feed?

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I read all of the EMIPs when I tried to create a price feed. It took me a lot of effort to understand the difference among each EMIP and summarised the useful information.

Now we can work on it much easier after we read the price-identifier-template. :partying_face:


We are building 2 new price feeds and I think the most tricky thing for us is determining where are the price feed parameters coming from especially the config variable. So it would be nice to see some comments on CreatePriceFeed.js on a sort of interface for config, and some explanations where all the params are coming from so we know if we have to worry about it or not. The price feed config only becomes clear after we started running the bots locally, but is not really obvious during the first period of writing the price feed.

Another useful info to know beforehand is how we can test the new price feed that we created along with the existing code to make sure that our changes work and we didn’t break anything :slight_smile:

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This is very helpful. Thank you for the feedback! Going to prioritize your suggestions

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