Proposal to Re-Write UMA Mission Statement

A reoccurring conversation in many of the community calls that have occurred is that the SuperUMAns are having a hard time describing in a few lines what UMA actually is and what it is looking to achieve which makes it difficult to reach out to other DAOs/Projects

The current mission statement is the following:

“UMA’s mission is to make financial markets universally accessible—unrestrained by censorship, pre-existing financial and social capital, or beliefs and values. The economic freedom created by universal market access creates equal opportunity to pursue prosperity and build financial independence .”

Although this is well said, I don’t believe it encompasses our current products/services in a way that you’re able to know in a concise way what we currently offer just by reading it.

When I first read about UMA the absolute first thing that came to mind was, ok this is a cool way to bridge a lot of tradfi assets over to crypto, I’m sure decentralized exchanges could eat this up because now we can create things like trading agriculture in crypto, notes, etc.

After further reading and involving myself more, I now know that UMA has a plethora of use cases. A big one right now with integrations is finding ways for different protocols, daos, etc to be more capital efficient with their treasury and token distribution, personally that wouldn’t of been clear to me unless I dug in deeper.

I dug in because another SuperUMAn brought me in whom I trust, if it wasn’t for that, I would of never known how innovative, flexible and important UMA’s technology actually is and what it could do for the entire industry.

So what I propose is, let’s come together as a community and re-create the mission statement in a way that it’ll give someone a more clear, concise idea on what we currently offer and what we’re aiming to achieve.

Post in this thread what you guys think UMA actually is and try to keep it as short as possible. After we’ve gotten enough answers we can review everything and as a community vote on a new mission statement along with discussing how to go about reaching out to others about what we do.


Hey, glad you’ve discovered UMA.

Its really hard to describe what UMA is, because we are so broad, but I guess thats also true for much of crypto - take Bitcoin - no-one really knows what bitcoin is…its money, but its so much more than money, and people are attracted to it from different angles. We are all blind men feeling an elephant.

I like UMA’s mission statement precisely because it is so broad, but yeah I get the issue that it makes it really hard to communicate.

Maybe the key is to develop a mission for SuperUMAns that is related to the UMA mission statement but more precisely articulates the overall mission of what the SuperUMAn programme is?

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Thanks for bringing up this subject @WalterWolf. An ongoing discussion seems to be coming close to finality surrounding the branding of the SuperUMAn DAO.

It makes sense (for now) that the branding be treated as two separate yet connected entities. This between the UMA core team and the DAO. While this differentiation in branding style is nearly defined, a SuperUMAn Mission Statement (as @Mhairi suggests) might also fit in neatly here.

Feel free to add to the conversation in Discord as well. It’s in the Branding Thread under the SuperUMAn Lair Channel.

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