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Lift off - Travel is back

Summary Description
People are longing to travel and move freely again. While everyone is fed up with news about Covid development, there’s a strong demand for positive news, any sign that secures people we are back to before 2020.
A few steps before planes take off and perhaps a better indicator could be AVA used to pay travel bookings.

Which metric will your synth track?
Number of passenger planes taking off.
AVA Transactions to pay holiday.

How will you get data for your metric
What sources will you use? Travel APIs, e.g. Air Travel APIs and Mashups | ProgrammableWeb
As to AVA transactions monitoring the blockchain.
How reliable are these sources? Very since air surveillance is highly regulated and considered public space. For AVA somewhat, since payment can also be done by credit card, however there should be a significant lift in AVA bookings nonetheless.

Are there any barriers to getting reliable data? Top nodge APIs come at a price, but free of charge API’s should be just fine.
Monitoring of AVA for booking payments would probably be programmed or AVA shares this data.

How much might access to this data cost? Depends on the call frequency, 0-10.000 USD is a guesstimate. AVA would depend on programming or access sharing.

Can it be corrupted? No, data is real world data from a regulated domain for air travels. AVA is blockchain transactions reliable.

Is the data granular enough to be meaningful, does the data reflect the metric that you are tracking? Yes. I am positive that one needs to identify the current level of flights on a global level, alternatively one might reduce the scope to continents: America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, but pattern recognition should be fairly easy to recognize.
Granularity might be a bigger problem for AVA data, but perhaps this could be made available.

What collateral would you use for this synthetic
why have you chosen that collateral
Because Travala is probably the best known Crypto travel agent. One can also assume that once the KPI is met that AVA will gain further traction.

Describe how you would create this synthetic
Describe in detail how you would create this synthetic. You might want to consider

  • how you were tracking the most accurate measurement of the metric possible and how you would account for any discrepancies
    I am sure that there can be many reasons for discrepancies, e.g. are the passenger planes fully booked? If there are only 10% bookings on all flights the signal strenght is weakened.

  • What issues might you encounter in the development of the synthetic
    Sorry, I really lack experience to answer this.

  • How you would make sure that people who would find the synthetic useful could access it.
    Co-op with Travala to introduce it with a booking sounds like the most promising case, like other booking agents used to tell you ‘Someone booked this hotel a few hours ago’. Instead the message could be: ‘We see that bookings are picking up in your area/Flights are increasing in numbers. Would you like the chance to reduce the cost of your stay by 20%?’