Inverse tracking of enterprises carbon footprint

I have been thinking about the possibility of a synthetic token that moves against the carbon footprint value of an enterprise (could be extended to more than one). It could be used by enterprises that claim to support environmental causes for selling it’s goods. If those are always sold for the same token price, that would mplie that the enterprise would be contioned to sell goods/services cheaper if they increase their carbon footprint.
PS: When talking about carbon footprint i am talking about the total CO2 montlhy emision, so the price fluctuations would be also monthly.
Data could be obtained from monthly environmental reports like: Keltbray: Monthly Environmental Report


Would this be a synthetic token that moves in the opposite direction? So an inverse token?

Would a monthly report be sufficiently granular?

There could be large jumps from month to month if a company implemented a particular policy or initiative that had an impact on their CO2 emissions.