How would you make UMA's UMIP process better

We are always looking to make our processes easier, better, safer for all user levels at UMA.

Recently we have been getting an increased number of UMIP’s that are of varying degrees of quality. An UMIP is also a fairly complex document to write and can take a bit of time so we want to know your ideas of how to make UMIPs easier to write for any level. The idea here is to have an UMIP be a clear set of instructions for a person and a liquidator/disputer bot arrive at the same price based on the documentation in the UMIP. Sounds simple enough but a lot of considerations go into this.

We have considered the following:

  • Simplifying the template
  • Writing a best practices guide
  • Giving examples of what a good UMIP looks like
  • Having initial ideas have a feedback cycle before being submitted as an UMIP

What we at the UMA team want from you, is to give us your ideas and examples of improvement proposals processes that were really simple and easy to work with.

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