Forever Young Index


Summary Description
Longevity and anti-aging research seek to use biotechnology to understand and cure human aging. There are dozens of publicly traded companies in the field. We propose creating a market cap-weighted index called UMA Forever Young Index (uFYI).

Which metric will your synth track?
A synthetic portfolio will be constructed containing shares from all publicly traded longevity/anti-aging companies, with number of shares proportional to the company’s relative market cap at snapshot.

Concretely, let p_i(t) and c_i(t) be the price of a share and market cap of the i-th company at time t, respectively. Then the price of the index at time t is p(t) = sum_i (p_i(0) * c_i(t)) / C0, where C0 is the total market cap of companies in the index at t=0.

How will you get data for your metric?
The list of companies that will make up the index will be obtained by taking a snapshot on This is done for two reasons:

  • To guarantee that the index cannot be manipulated by the people behind the site through selective exclusion/inclusion of certain companies after the index creation
  • To calculate the number of shares of each company in the synthetic portfolio as its relative market cap at snapshot

After snapshot, market cap data for each company will be sourced using TradFi APIs like Quandl, Yahoo Finance or Google Finance.

What collateral would you use for this synthetic?
A stablecoin is preferred so that the synth price is not exposed to extraneous sources of volatility. USDC or DAI are the best candidates.

Describe how you would create this synthetic
We propose creating a new price feed, MarketCapIndexPriceFeed.js, inheriting from ExpressionPriceFeed.js. This new price feed would need to implement the snapshot logic and the market cap weighting formula. It would then need to be fed the output of a TradFi API price feed like QuandlPriceFeed.js or TraderMadePriceFeed.js.

Either an EMP or a perpetual contract could be deployed using this price feed.

The synth could be made available through to make it more accessible to end users and promoted through different social media/blogging channels so as to reach the communities that exist around and other longevity-related blogs.