EMP V3 feature requests

I’d like to put out an open call to ask the community what features they would like from a V3 EMP contract.

All ideas welcome. Note, we may not get to all of them but it would be great to hear what we can do to improve our contracts

  • A synth collateralized by multiple EMPs
  • A way to circumvent GCR when minting (my initial idea was “slow minting”)

Crazier idea:

  • Ability for an EMP to deploy the collateral in yield generating protocols using one/many strategy/ies (useful for non tokenized yield generating contracts, and to avoid having to create a new EMP whenever you want to use a diff yield bearing token as collateral).

Seconding all of Anu’s suggestions. I came to ask for the same things. GCR upward drift is a severely limiting factor with capital efficiency. A way to get around this for advanced uses would be great.

Regarding yield-generating assets, this would be fantastic. The EMP can act like a vault that could be deployed for different strategies. The big downside I see is the potential risks associated with allocating those funds to another protocol. I think in this case it does make more sense to just use the yield-bearing assets as collateral.

I would also like to suggest a function to mint new synths to an existing position without the requirement to add collateral. Doing this would give further ways to finely tune sponsor positions with minimal steps. There is no simple way to do this currently, even though it seems like fairly basic functionality.