Decentralized, Bonded News

Problem: The current state of the media suffers from a significant amount of misinformation. The incentives for journalists are often not focused on reporting truth, but rather seeking clicks (i.e. the clickbait phenomenon). Additionally, there are also little to no consequences for reporting fake news.

Idea: Anyone is free to publish a story, but you have to post a bond that if the story is found to be inaccurate you lose the bond. This forces journalists to have skin in the game with their reporting. Facts and sources need to be clearly cited and verifiable. If something is opinion or conjecture, it needs to be clearly labeled as such. Journalists could also be assigned a “truth score” that represents the number of: articles not disputed, disputed unsuccessfully, and disputed successfully.


Am clearly in support of this idea the current state media is bout clicks and following trends without pure clarification if it false or not
With the truth score the public can know the credibility of the journalist
How many stories had he/she publish
How many where false information and how many where true
With this technique journalist will be careful not to spoil their reputation and post only good news

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