Currency "flavours"

There’s been some discussion around this with Doge and RenDoge…on the whole “the map is not the territory” issue and this follows on a bit from that.

A few currencies - most notably BTC and USD have a number of different types. For BTC there is wBTC, RenBTC, tBTC, and for USD there is USDC, Dai, USDT, TUSD and a whole load of others.

Some of the price feeds reference one, some others, but quite often they are just referred to as “BTC” or “USD”. As PIs build and reference one another is it necessary to be more clear about which “flavours” are being used in each instance?

I think it would be good to be as explicit as possible, to avoid a scenario where DVM voters need to sort out the value of something that has deviated from its peg.