CLOSED: UMIP proposal - Add uSPAC10_JUN22 price identifier

This price identifier is absolutely the same as the previously approved uSPAC10 (UMIP-140) except for the list of shares and expiration date.

Community Review Call outcome - 4th April


  • recommend updating UMIP 140 to avoid duplication

Do I understand correctly that we have to make changes to UMIP-140 and create a new pull request? Should we keep the name uSPAC10 or can we replace it with uSPAC10_JUN22?

I think @Sean was going to get in touch to explain the mechanism. But good news as it means you dont have to wait for approval of this UMIP :slight_smile:

I have updated UMIP-140 (pull request: Update by binomfx · Pull Request #511 · UMAprotocol/UMIPs · GitHub) and DefaultPriceFeedConfigs.ts (pull request: Update DefaultPriceFeedConfigs.ts by binomfx · Pull Request #3873 · UMAprotocol/protocol · GitHub).